Towards the Goal of Perfecting the Circularity and Sustainability of Fibre-based Packaging

Vice dean Carl Olsmats expertise and knowledge within sustainable packaging has made him eligible to act as a jury member for the selection of Circularity Success Stories projects.

The initiative is run by 4evergreen and members of this alliance were invited to submit their (collaborative) projects related to fibre-based packaging, circularity, and sustainability.  Five of these projects were selected as winners by the jury to be showcased at the upcoming conference The Pathway to Circularity: from Guidance to Action which will be held on 20 November in Brussels.

Fibre-based packaging – e.g. paper cups and bags, (liquid) carton board containers and corrugated boxes – represents more than one third of all packaging on the market in Europe. 4evergreen is an alliance of over 100 members from a wide variety of industries and covers the full lifecycle of fibre-based packaging. Members are manufacturers, designers, brand owners, researchers and recyclers who want to contribute to a climate neutral society by perfecting the circularity and sustainability of fibre-based packaging. The alliance facilitates the sharing of expertise with the goal of 90% recyclability for fibre-based packaging by 2030.


4evergreen announcement about the initiative

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