Let us hear your thoughts and opinions about the location

A process is underway to gather facts and data ahead of a proposal on the location of the cohesive academic environments. The process aims to address existing questions and raise new ones on the subject. Discussion has already taken place on the importance of different collaborations
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What do you feel are important factors to keep in mind upon the location of the cohesive academic environments? What should the University take into account? Let us know your thoughts. Madelene Håll

– In the points for decision that we are working with, there are several concepts that require clarification and consensus. It is important to remember that we do not have one main campus and that our premises and facilities differ and can accommodate different numbers of students and employees, says Elisabeth Daunelius, Process Manager.

On January 30, the working group had a meeting to begin drawing up a referral proposal. Forming this group are the five Heads of School, the Dean and Pro-Dean, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education, and the Chairperson of the Student Union.

At the meeting, the Heads of School presented aspects that they see as important from the perspective of their respective School and cohesive academic environment. One point raised is the fact that the digital workplace s what we have in common. Another point is the cooperation that exists between the different schools that is important for teacher education. Also raised as points is the underutilised potential of each cohesive academic environment and the reminder that they are still in their early days of being established. The work that is now underway is therefore important in the development of sound conditions that will allow for the continued positive establishment of the environments.

Inventory of office spaces

The group decided that an inventory of each School’s office space requirements is needed, as well as a review of the need for classrooms, both current and future. This will form the next stage in the work to gather facts and data. For the most part, this work has in fact already been completed, and the results will be instrumental when it comes to the question of the location of the environments. 

- We need to be pragmatic and seek solutions that physically bring together the academic environments to the greatest extent possible; however, we must also be open to working with environments and people located at the other campus. So far, discussions have pointed in a certain direction, but we must ensure that we meet the basic needs for work and study and are aware of the potential advantages – for example, for collaboration – that location can provide, says Carl Olsmats, University Dean.

- We need to ensure that the proposals that are put forward for decision can be implemented and that they benefit the development of the University in the long term, says Jörgen Elbe, Vice-Chancellor. We must be aware that regardless of the outcome of this process, there are going to be those who are left feeling disappointed, but we need then to remind ourselves that both of our campuses – the one in Falun and the one in Borlänge – are and will be of a very high standard.

Let us hear your thoughts and opinions

Do you have an opinion on the location of the cohesive academic environments? Until February 17, you can share your thoughts using a web form.

Send us your thoughts and opinions 

Please note that fact- and data-gathering is ongoing. No concrete proposal has yet been decided.

Information Forum 1: Location of the Cohesive Academic Environments
  • 7 February, 09.00-09.30

Attend a presentation that will address the work process, and the reasons for and aims of the work. The presentation will be held online, and all staff are invited to attend. 

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Senior Advisor
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