External Research Funding

Dalarna University researchers are encouraged to apply for external research funding, a process that requires a good deal of work and strategic planning. This webpage provides both guidance and advice for the application process for such funding.

Before Applying

Different types of external research funding involve different commitments and requirements on the part of you, the researcher, as well as the University in its role as research manager, resource administrator and employer. Applying for external funds is associated with a great deal of work effort and requires strategic planning.

It is therefore important to consider the following at the outset:

  • How do we want to build and develop research? What is needed to do this? In what research contexts and collaboration contexts do we want to be involved?
  • What research problems must be addressed? For whom will the research benefit and generate value?
  • Who are our intended end users? What difference should research make?
  • What external research funding is needed – in the short term and in the long term?
  • What do the funding bodies want to achieve with their calls for proposals?
  • What external and internal requirements does an application need to meet?
  • How do we quality assure research applications among colleagues, and how do we follow up and learn from them?
  • How is research communicated throughout the research process?
  • Identify ethical considerations, handling of research data and personal data, contract management, financial management, etc.

When Applying

All applications for external research funding at Dalarna University must go through an internal quality assurance process before being submitted to the research funding body. It is the main researcher (project manager) who is responsible for ensuring that this happens and that the application meets with the principles and requirements of both the funding body and Dalarna University.

The director of the department (avdelningschef) and the head of subject (ämnesföreträdare) must be informed that an external research application is being prepared.

  1. Quality assurance among colleagues
  2. Approval from the Head of School
  3. Decision by the Vice-Chancellor or Head of School

Illustration: External research funding - the process in brief (pdf)

The following information aims to assist the main applicant

Administrative Information

  • Participant Identity Code (PIC) for Dalarna University: 986578077 (to be provided with applications within the EU Framework Programme)
  • DUNS for Dalarna University: 350 582 177 (to be provided with applications to funding bodies in the USA)
  • Dalarna University's corporate identity number: 202100-2908 

Once a Project Is Granted

Consider the following when your project is granted:

  • Report any personal data processing to the University's Data Protection Officer: dataskydd@du.se.
  • If you have questions about the management, storage, archiving and/or publication of research data, please contact forskningsdata@du.se or see the University's website for information about the management and processing of research data.
  • Contact the Office of Marketing and Communication for assessment of marketing and dissemination: kommunikationsavdelningen@du.se.
  • File (diarieför) all project documents on an ongoing basis – for example:
    • signed agreement (in original) with the funding body,
    • any agreement with project partners,
    • application and decision, if any, on a research ethics review,
    • project reports (both scientific and financial),
    • financial documentation and follow-ups, audit certificates, etc.,
    • important communication/correspondence with the funding body, coordinators and project partners,
    • contract changes, budget changes, etc.

New documents or documents with changes should be sent on for filing (in the diariet) to registrator@du.se or to the Senior Administrator of the relevant school. The diarienummer must be provided.

Research Projects and the Law

The University’s Senior Legal Advisor can help you with any legal issues that relate to your application for external research funding, such as contract matters (e.g., questions about consortium agreements within the framework of EU projects) and intellectual property rights (which, among other things, relates to your rights to your research results).

Senior Legal Advisor Lena Gillström

Funding Bodies

Securing external research funding is competitive: it can involve applications to research councils (and other such authorities), foundations and the European Commission. Here are some examples of well-known funding bodies and at the end of this webpage, you can find a longer list (in alphabetical order) of more funding bodies. 

Research Councils


Other Authorities


More information about Horizon Europe:

List in Alphabetical Order

Below are the names of well-known funding bodies listed in alphabetical order. This list is updated annually.

Please contact us if you would like to suggest other research funding bodies to include here.

Show funding bodies, in alphabetical order (Visa finansiärer i bokstavsordning)

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