Reimbursement: Expenses

To receive reimbursement for certain expenses, you need to submit an original receipt as proof of purchase.

If your expense is approved, you will receive the reimbursement in your next monthly wage.

Unplanned Purchases

For most types of purchases, Dalarna University has procurement agreements with certain suppliers to which you must adhere. You must make your purchases with these procured suppliers, who will then invoice the University directly.

What to do to claim a reimbursement:

  • Be sure to save the original receipt: it must be no more than three months old. Information that must be included on the receipt is the company name, address, tax (moms) number and tax specification, as well as the date of purchase and amount spent.
  • Register the expense in Primula under the tab Travel/Expenses.
  • Send a printout of the claim (ärende) from Primula and the original receipt to the Office of Human Resources.

Bank statements and personal credit card invoices showing the expense or copies of original receipts are not accepted. Keep in mind that special rules apply when it comes to hospitality-related expenses (called representation in Swedish).

If you want to avoid paying with your own credit card/using your own money for work-related purposes, talk to the Office of Finance and Procurement about getting a university credit card.

Credit card for expenses (Swedish webpage)

Expenses for Health and Wellness

Dalarna University employees are entitled to an annual health and wellness allowance of SEK 2 000. See the webpage Health and Wellness Allowance (Frisvårdsbidrag) for a list of approved activities. If you have been employed for less than one year, the amount is calculated relative to the time you have been employed.

To receive the health and wellness allowance, please do as follows:

  • Pay for your chosen activity and request a receipt stating the type of activity and the name of the provider (a gym, health club or similar). For an annual pass, you will need to specify the start and end dates of the validity period.
  • Register the health and wellness expense in Primula under the tab Health and Wellness Allowance.
  • Send a printout of the claim (ärende) from Primula and the original receipt to the Office of Human Resources.
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