Call for abstracts: Research Symposium - Sustainability Day 2020

As part of its continuous engagement and involvement in sustainability questions in education, collaboration and research, Dalarna University is organising a Research Symposium during its Sustainability Day 2020.

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The purposes of the Sustainability Day Research Symposium are to provide an overview of current sustainability-related research at Dalarna University, and to stimulate and facilitate interdisciplinary research collaboration in this field. It is a continuation of the Sustainability Day program last year, which focused on how sustainable development is integrated in education.

Researchers at Dalarna University are invited to submit abstracts of on-going or recently completed research on sustainable development. Abstracts should be 400-500 words long and include: 1) title; 2) name(s) and contact details; 3) the purpose of the research; 4) research design and methods (if applicable); 5) major results (if applicable); and 6) conclusions; 7) relevance to sustainable development and possibly to SDGs. References should be limited to original publications on the actual study or publications included in the abstract. Abstracts and presentations can be written/presented in Swedish or English.

The abstracts will be reviewed by a Scientific Committee. The first author of the abstract must be employed by or connected to Dalarna University.

The symposium will take place on the 10th of December 2020 at 8.30-15.00. It will be possible to participate either on Campus Lugnet, Falun (lecture hall/Sal 5) or digitally via the e-meeting tool Zoom. Due to Covid-19, the number of participants at Campus is limited to 23. Participation on campus will primarily be reserved for researchers working at Dalarna University, other participants are offered to participate in both presentations and workshops via Zoom.

Submit Your abstract via this submission form no later than 11th of October

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The symposium will open with a keynote speech by Erik Westholm, professor em, dept for Urban and Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Previously professor in Geography, Högskolan Dalarna. After this introduction follows presentations of ongoing research at Dalarna University and time for discussions and workshops on given themes. A final program will be ready in mid-November.

Important dates:

  • Abstract submission deadline: October 11th
  • Authors receive feedback from reviewers: November 2nd
  • Registration deadline: November 13th

Organizer: Sustainability Council, Dalarna University

Scientific committee: Marie Elf (chairperson), Farhana Borg, Ioanna Farsari, David Gray, Annie-Maj Johansson

Contact details: For additional information, please contact Tobias Feldreich,

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