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To promote student interest in sustainable development, the Environmental Advisory Board (miljöråd) at Dalarna University will award a travel grant of 10 000 kr for the thesis work of a student that most strongly contributes to a sustainable society. In October, we will be awarding the grant for the first time for work conducted over the academic year 2017-2018 (the deadline for application has now passed).

The travel grant is intended for continue studies and professional development and will be awarded annually. The first grant will be awarded for a degree project published in the academic year 2018-2019. Students whose degree project is published in DiVA between September 1, 2018 and August 31, 2019 can enter to win the travel grant.

Send Your Entry: Send your entry by email by September 1, 2019 to the University's Environmental Coordinator (see contact details below). In the email you need to 1) include a link to your thesis in DiVA; 2) explain in brief why your thesis contributes to a sustainable society; and 3) describe in brief how you would use the travel grant.

Evaluation and Decision: A decision will be made on the submitted entries that will be based on a series of criteria (see below). The Environmental Advisory Board will make its decision in October 2019.

Criteria for Entries

Entries will be evaluated in accordance with these three criteria:

  1. Originality in relation to the tradition of the subject.
  2. Direct relevance to sustainable development: there must be clear connections to one or more aspects of sustainable development in, for example, the research question and purpose.
  3. Integration of a number of different perspectives related to sustainable development: for example, ecological, social and economic perspectives.

Costs Covered by the Travel Grant

The grant is for a trip within Sweden* of which the purpose is to develop competence and understanding in terms of sustainable development in a broad sense: for example, to take part in a seminar, to go on a field trip or to attend a course. The grant can cover personal costs such as course fee, transport, accommodation and literature.

(* Trips outside of Sweden will have to be approved by the Environmental Advisory Board.)

To receive the grant, you must be clear in your entry that it will be used for study-related purposes related to sustainable development. The study trip (or other choice) must begin at the latest by 2020.


As recipient of the award, you must submit a report (maximum 1 A-4 page) to the Environmental Advisory Board at the latest six months after the study trip.

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