Sustainable Development

Dalarna University aims to promote sustainable development through its teaching and research, thus serving as a driving force for sustainability in society at large.

Integration of Sustainability in Teaching

As a programme student at Dalarna University, you will throughout your courses be given the chance to reflect on the connections between your future professional life, and environmental and sustainability issues. The university currently offers courses that focus on the subject of sustainability in the fields of construction technology, energy engineering, human geography, business studies and the natural sciences.

Integration of Sustainability in Research

Research when it comes to the important subject of sustainability is fundamental. The aim is to use the results of research so that they can serve the environment in a positive way.

Research at Dalarna University:

The research work towards sustainable development with respect to ecological, economic and social sustainability, meaning that current and future generations can be assured a healthy and sound environment, economic and social well-being, and social equality.

Award for Best Degree Thesis

Each year, the Council for Sustainable Development at Dalarna University awards a monetary prize to a student who shows in his/her thesis a dedication to sustainable development.

See Award for Best Thesis: Theme - Sustainable Development (webpage).

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