School of Education, Health and Social Studies

This School is home to a wide range of undergraduate and master's level programmes, as well as free-standing courses in the fields of Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Care, Medicine, Sport and Fitness Sciences, Education, Sociology, Social Work and the Political Sciences.

The majority of our courses and programmes are taught in Swedish.

Faculty personnel and students have freedom to collaborate with the University's two other schools. We strive for openness and cooperation at all levels and in all forms. As well, we work with other learning organizations both within and outside Sweden. Collaboration with other external organisations takes many forms and has many internal channels, such as Dala Sports Academy (DSA), Pedagogiskt Utvecklingscentrum Dalarna (PUD) and Socialtjänstens Utvecklingscentrum Dalarna (SUD).

The School of Education, Health and Social Studies is the host school of two of the University's prioritized research fields: Health and Welfare, and Education and Learning.


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