Updates regarding Learn

NGL Centre has a couple of news-worthy updates ahead of the start of the semester.

Blackboard logotype

Blackboard Instructor App

There is now an app for teachers. The app is under development and more functionality will be released teh coming months.

You can read mor about the app here:; https://help.blackboard.com/sv-se/Blackboard_App/Instructor/Feature_Guide

There is also a video with a quick tour of the app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeGhoP8l0Ec.

BB Student is now Blackboard App for Students

The app formerly known as BB Student is now called Blackboard App for Students.

Student Preview in course rooms

A couple of you have already noticed that there is a minor bug related to the Student Preview in your course rooms. The bug only affects those that have chosen to have Swedish as their language. The issue is that when you try to exit the Student Preview the buttons to confirm or abort your decision to save or erase the preview student's data is actually not visible, or i some cases at least barely visible. It is also not possible to scroll in this pop-up windows, meaning you can't reach the buttons 


 The way around this is to press "Tab" on your keyboard several times until you reach the buttons and can submit or abort.

We hope that the issue is resolved in the next update of Learn.


Those of you that are using Collaborate as an alternative to Adobe Connect can be advised that Google Chrome appears to be the best web browser for that tool..

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