Ann Rudman

Personlig presentation av Ann Rudman

Senior Lecturer Nursing, Nursing
Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer Nursing, Assistant Director of Doctoral Programme in Health and Welfare with Focus on Evidence-Based Practice. RN., Registred nurse, 1999, Ph.D., Medical sciences 2007 Karolinska Institutet

My research aims to explore individual and organizational factors in undergraduate training and health care practice that are important for promoting occupational health, professional competence, and the provision of satisfactory and safe health care. The research involves monitoring health and development during periods of change and challenge mainly for individuals involved in the health care system (i.e. students, employees, or patients). A key question here is to disentangle how and in what circumstances an event results in a stress response, reduced engagement, and bad health instead of a positive experience and wellbeing. This is done by using longitudinal observational study designs and experimental approaches.

I am interested in gaining an understanding of the processes that form and hinder personal and professional development during transitional periods, how to best prepare individuals for challenging times and how basic mechanisms drive the development of stress-related conditions including traumatic memories of trauma.