Mats Öhlén

Personlig presentation av Mats Öhlén

Senior Lecturer Political Science, Political Science
Programme Director - Master Programme: Democracy, Citizenship and Change

I teach in courses related to comparative politics, political parties and the European Union. I am also programme director for the master programme Democracy, Citizenship and Change (60 p).  

My main research interest is political parties and the European Union. More specifically, I am interested in political parties and party systems in Central and Eastern Europe, their historical legacy and above all their development after 1989. Here I am especially interested in how they have managed to ’fit in’ with the European party families after the eastern enlargement of the EU 2004. I defended my PhD thesis at Örebro University in 2013. The title of my PhD thesis is ”The Eastward Enlargement of European Parties: Party adaptation in the light of EU-enlargement”.