Christine Cox Eriksson

Personlig presentation av Christine Cox Eriksson

Fil dr, English
Senior Lecturer English, English
Work duties include courses for pre-service preschool teachers, supervision of degree theses; research on vocabulary development in preschool and school children.

Christine Cox Eriksson is originally from the United States and earned a Bachelor's degree in German from Humboldt State University and a Master of Arts in Germanic Languages from Indiana University. She has a teaching degree in secondary education (English/German) from Uppsala University and has taught in Sweden's municipal adult education program. She has been an ESL teacher at the elementary level in the United States, where she furthered her studies in the area of early literacy. Christine Cox Eriksson has been employed at Dalarna University since 2007, first as a junior lecturer in English and since 2015 as a senior lecturer.

Christine Cox Eriksson successfully defended her doctoral thesis, Children's vocabulary development: The role of parental input, vocabulary composition and early communicative skills, at the Department of Special Education, Stockholm University, in 2014. She currently works with teacher education courses and does research on vocabulary development in elementary school.