Linda Vixner

Personlig presentation av Linda Vixner

Med dr, Medical Science
Senior Lecturer Medical Sciences, Medical Science

My main research area is chronic pain andpain rehabilitation. The Swedish Research Council and FORTE are funding ourmost recent projects that concern:

  • validation of modern wrist-wornactivity trackers for future empirical long-term registrations of physicalactivity in patients with chronic pain
  • developing a novel approach forpromoting (or pacing) physical activity in patients with chronic pain usingwrist worn activity trackers
  • evaluation of the effectivenessof using activity tracers as a supplement to interdisciplinary treatmentprograms offered to patients with chronic pain in primary and specialist care
  • evaluation of potentialdifferences in movement control and muscle activity in patients with chronicpain compared to healthy controls.
  • evaluation of immediate effectof a short physical activity session on movement control and muscle activity
  • investigation of earlyprognostic factors that predict improved physical- and emotional health inpatents with chronic pain participating in interdisciplinary treatment programsin specialist care

Chronic musculoskeletal pain is a complex condition and people with chronic pain report that most aspects of their lives are significantly affected. It is a major and growing health problem that challenges health-care systems worldwide. It causes severe emotional, physical,and social problems and its financial burden on the society is enormous. Our research targets effects of; physical activity, the use of innovative interventional technology and interdisciplinary treatment programs. The settings for our research projects range from laboratory to clinical research and additionally registry based research using Swedish National Quality Registries

I gained my degree in physiotherapy from Linköping University in 1997, and I defended my PhD in 2015, titled“Acupuncture for labour pain”. Currently, I’m Dean, Senior Lecturer in Medical Sciences, Vice Director Research Centre for Public Health and Sports (RePS) at Dalarna University and a member of the University faculty board.

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