Anna Ehrenberg

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Professor Nursing, Nursing
Head of Research in Health & Welfare

Anna Ehrenberg is a Registered Nurse, Professor in Nursing and Head of research in Health and Welfare at Dalarna University, Sweden, since 2009 and is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Adelaide, Australia. She acquired a PhD at Uppsala University in 2000. She was employed at Dalarna University in 2001. She held a position as an Assistant Professor in Nursing at University of Alberta, Canada 2003-2004 and held a postdoc position at Örebro University and Dalarna University 2005-2008. She became an Associate Professor (docent) at Örebro University in 2005 and Professor in Nursing at Dalarna University in 2009. Her research interest is in the area of implementation of evidence-based knowledge, health informatics and patient safety and focuses on nurses’ use of nursing knowledge in clinical decision-making and decision support. She is a member of the scientific advisory group of the Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services. She has published over 80 peer reviewed scientific papers and is the editor of a major textbook in higher nursing education in Sweden.

Subject Coordinator
Caring Science