Bachelor's Degree - Japanese

At Dalarna University, you can take a Bachelor's Degree in Japanese.

To be awarded a bachelor's degree in Japanese, you require the following:

  • 180 credits at the undergraduate (first cycle) level.
  • Of these 180 credits, 90 credits must be in the main field of study Japanese.
  • Completion of the degree thesis.

Two Routes to the Degree

1. If you do not have any former studies in Japanese, you have to start with the course Japanese I: Basic Language Proficiency and take 30 credits of language courses at all levels up to level III. At level IV, you need, at least, two of the courses that explore a sub-field within Japanese studies, which give you 30 credits. You now need another 30 credits; either other courses in Japanese, or courses from another subject, and your studies conclude with the course in research methodology and the thesis. The degree may thus be comprised of a majority of courses in Japanese.

2. If you have studied Japanese previously, perhaps at a language school in Japan, then you can choose to begin your studies in Japanese from level III. You study at this level and 30 credits at level IV (again the courses that explore a sub-field within Japanese studies), then continue with 90 credits in other subjects. As in 1. above, you end your studies with the course in research methodology and the thesis. In this case, the degree includes a substantial number of courses from one or more subjects other than Japanese.

Courses in the Bachelor's Degree

The following courses can be included in the Bachelor's Degree:

Level I

  • Japanese I: Oral Proficiency (15 credits)
  • Japanese I: Language Proficiency (15 credits)
  • Modern Japan: Culture and Society (7.5 credits)
  • Japanese Pop Culture Represented in Anime and Manga (7.5 credits)

Level II

  • Japanese II: Language Proficiency (15 credits)
  • Japanese II: Language Proficiency 2 (15 credits)
  • Japanese II: Academic Writing (7.5 credits)

Level III

  • Japanese III: Language Proficiency (15 credits)
  • Japanese III: Reading Manga (7.5 credits)
  • Japanese III: The Modern Short Story (7.5 credits)

Level IV

Offered in the spring semesters:

  • Japanese IV: Introduction to Linguistics (15 credits)
  • Japanese IV: Haiku and Text Interpretation (15 credits)

Offered in the autumn semesters:

  • Japanese IV: Introduction to Translation (15 credits)
  • Japanese IV: Cultural Anthropology (15 credits) (The course Modern Japan: Culture and Society is a prerequisite.)

The following course is not part of the prerequisites for the BA level, but it may be included in the overall credits necessary for the degree.

  • Japanese IV: Language Proficiency (15 credits)

Towards the Bachelor's Degree

  • Japanese: Academic Writing and Research Methodology (15 credits)

To be qualified for the above course, you will need to have passed, at least, two academic courses at level IV-V (that is, not Japanese IV: Language proficiency).

  • Japanese: Bachelor's Degree Thesis (15 credits)

Graduation Office

 Contact the Graduation Office for questions about your degree, including requests to receive a copy of your degree certificate.

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