The Department of Japanese at Dalarna University was established in 2007 and in short time became a main centre for Japanese education in Sweden. You can take individual courses and also complete a bachelor's degree in Japanese here.

Online Distance Studies

All of our courses are taught online, meaning you can study with us whatever your location. Although they are taught by distance, they still take place in real time and involve a great deal of direct interaction with your teacher and your fellow students. We teach in small groups and focus on active use of the language and on communication. At the higher levels, it is possible to choose between four different specializations in the main field of Japanese: linguistics, translation studies, literature and cultural anthropology. The degree project is written within the specialization you have chosen.

Course Choice

Basic Level

Level I

The lowest level equates to one semester of full-time studies. At this level, you complete the first textbook Genki I. The level is divided into two courses, each worth 15 credits:

The first course requires no previous studies or knowledge of Japanese, and focuses on both oral and written communication in Japanese. The second course is a follow-up course that you can take directly after taking Japanese steg 3 (in Swedish upper secondary school).

In addition to the language courses, there are also two courses on culture and society in Japan. They do not require prior knowledge of Japanese and teaching and course literature are in English:

The course Modern Japan: Culture and Society is included in the prerequisites for the course in cultural anthropology at level IV. It is also mandatory for students who want to apply for exchange studies in Japan.

Level II

Level II is divided into two courses, the second taught directly after the first:

These are full-time studies, and, at present, they are taught daytime only. The textbook Genki II is used for both courses. Completion of the courses takes you to the end of the book.

After finishing 30 credits of Japanese, you may also sign up for a course in academic writing:

If you are planning to complete the Bachelor's Degree, we recommend that you take this course. The academic paper you write in this course may also be used for receiving a two-year Foundation degree in Japanese.

Level III

Level IV

Two or more of these courses are offered every semester.

Level V

This course prepares you for your thesis and is therefore obligatory if you intend to write a thesis.

Bachelor's Level

Advanced Level

For further studies at the advanced level, a two-year master's degree is offered in the main field of study Intercultural Literature Studies (follow the link for more information).

Courses at the advanced level in Japanese are under development and will also be included in this main field of study. Currently the following course is available:

Course Offerings

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