New Contract Means Hybrid Cars for the University

Dalarna University has exchanged its old leasing cars for new so-called plug-in hybrid vehicles, demonstrating its commitment to the government's Fossil Free Sweden initiative.
The multi-coloured cars in the parking lot at the university
In total, the university now has 12 cars and a minibus, all of them plug-in hybrids.

"Now we are at the forefront in this area," explains Ulf Rydén, Head of Administration and Chairperson in the University's Environmental Committee. Among the other institutes of higher education in Sweden, only KTH and Linköping have moved over to plug-in hybrids. The challenge is now to get others to follow suit."

The vehicles are perfect for short trips where city-driving is necessary. At the same time, the vehicles are still suitable for driving longer distances when temperatures are low.

"These plug-in hybrids are both technically and pedagogically a very good transitional phase as we head towards more electrical car journeys," states Anton Grenhold, Environmental Coordinator at the university. "We need to get used to having to plug in our cars whenever the opportunity arises."

In total, the university now has 12 such cars and a plug-in hybrid minibus for use by the janitorial staff.

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