Gold for Students' Musical with Sustainability Theme

Is it possible to make a musical about the environment and sustainability? As it turns out, yes: students came together to make such a film about the University's work in this area and came out winning gold in the category Rising Star at the Swedish Media Festival 2017.

The film was produced by students in the University's programme Filmdesign för reklam och information (Film Design for Advertisements and Information) (webpage in Swedish). 

"We took a gamble, making the film in a way that was untraditional, and without everyone who was involved, we would never have achieved the results that we did - results that exceeded all expectations," states Sofia Wirén, who worked on the film.

The purpose of the film was to increase awareness for the work the University does with sustainability and the environment. The information that the musical presents is not visible on a daily basis.

"As a group we agreed to go outside the box when it comes to a classic information film. Our aim was to generate interest among those who see the film. After discussion, we decided that song and dance are a cool way to share information, and this led to the idea of a musical," states Sofia. "It was a challenge for those of us in the team, from writing the song with the right information to the choreography,"

The film took ten weeks to complete. Simultaneously, students worked with other assignments that were part of their course.

The prize was handed out in Örebro on August 31 in conjunction with the big annual industry conference Live At Heart. Among the jury were some heavyweights from the branch, including Chimney, Sweden's largest film and advertising film company.

"This recognition bodes well for students in the programme. They will be the first students to graduate with a bachelor's degree in 2018," explains Pelle Eriksson, Programme Director.

Anton Grenholm is the Environmental Coordinator at the University, and it was he who commissioned the film.

"In the long term, we would like of course to generate more involvement in the work the University does with sustainability.

Along with other universities, Dalarna University has a unique opportunity to contribute to environmental issues within society. Through the education of future generations and decisionmakers, there will be new knowledge and understanding, and universities in collaboration with companies and organisations can create better conditions for sustainability.

The University works continuously to reduce its immediate effect on the environment in areas such as business trips, energy consumption, waste and use of chemicals.

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