A New Academic Year Begins at Dalarna University

New students interviewed about their first day at the University

Professor in Education Sara Irisdotter Aldenmyr welcomed the students after which Vice-Chancellor Marita Hilliges delivered a short speech that included a presentation of Dalarna University with its 16 000 students and 750 staff members, and the wide spectrum of subjects that are taught here.

"Here we educate future teachers, engineers and nurses and teach in subject fields such as media, tourism, international relations and, not least, 10 different languages," explained Marita Hilliges.

She described the investments that have been made in digitalisation and technology, areas that Dalarna University is well known for, as well as the important work being done in terms of ethical discussions. Further, the Vice-Chancellor discussed the necessity of working hard and the positive outcomes such work can lead to.

"But not everything is hard work. Here at Dalarna University there is great opportunity to get involved in sporting activities and music, and to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings," she continued.

Presentations and talks were then given by the Student Union Chairperson, representatives from the local municipalities and current students.

Two students who are looking forward to beginning their studies were Anna Andersson, 24, who is in the high-school teacher education programme and Ola Fransson, 27, who is in the pre-school teacher programme.

"I am interested in languages and find teaching fun. I plan to compliment my education by training to be a special needs teacher, which will mean a longer time as a student. Six years in total. I'm from Västervik and will be studying by distance, which means I won't be experiencing much of life as a student in Falun unfortunately," explains Anna Andersson.

She is happy about the fact the job prospects are good for teachers in coming years, meaning it won't be too hard getting a job.

Ola Fransson is from Falun and plans to complete his three-and-a-half year programme in his hometown.

"I think it will be fun working with children and because I'm interested in music, I hope I'll be able to use music in my work," he says.

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