Call for abstracts pre-conference

Call for abstracts – SVEBI pre-conference November 20, 2018

A pre-conference will be held on 20 November, 2018. The pre-conference will focus on the relation between research and sports in practice.

It will consist of three one-hour practical sessions which are based on social scientific research.

Template for abstracts for potential presenters.  Abstract submissions are welcomed until 1 April, 2018.

Send abstract by email to

Abstracts should be labelled 'Research into practice session' and should contain a brief outline of the practical session.

Specific equipment requirements should be mentioned. Submissions in both English and Swedish are welcome.

For further information on the SVEBI annual conference, to keep up to date, or if you wish to contact us, please visit SVEBI conferens 2018

We are also delighted to announce our keynote speaker for the SVEBI pre-conference: Prof. Marie Öhman from Örebro University in Sweden.


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