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The turning point of African History. From Europe to Africa.

Professor Irma Taddia, University of Bologna: Three lectures on the contemporary situation on the Horn of Africa (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Djibouti).

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Date: , kl 10:00 - 12:00
Location: Campus Falun
Locale: Dalarna University, Room C335

Irma Taddia, internationally celebrated Professor in Modern African History at the University of Bologna, Italy, has a long academic career with research on the countries of the Horn of Africa. As one of the most prominent researchers in this field, Prof. Taddia’s research has focused on the history of the modern states with special reference to issues of land ownership, economic and social issues, the role of the intellectual elite, modern African legislation and constitutions.

Among her many publications are the Horn of Africa 20th Century Politics and History (2015) and, together with Lars Berge, Themes in Modern African History and Culture (2011).

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