Open lecture

Supporting undergraduate thesis writing through writing retreats

Dr Clare Cunningham (York St John University, UK) will give an open lecture entitled "Running structured writing retreats with and for students: benefits and challenges for in-person and online retreats", which will focus on her work offering writing retreats for undergraduate thesis writers.

Date: , kl 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Digital only
Organizer: Dalarna University Applied Linguistics (DUAL)
Lecturer: Clare Cunningham, PhD


A good research base exists on the benefits of structured writing retreats and similar provision for academic staff and postgraduate researchers, but to date little has been published about the worth of such events for undergraduate students. This is despite the fact that undergraduate student researchers also experience external pressures, distractions and ambivalent or negative feelings towards writing just as academic staff and postgraduate students do. My talk will report the results of a mixed methods study of a structured writing retreat programme with third year undergraduate students over four academic years. The data confirmed that one of the biggest challenges for students was finding time and space to write, which mirrors the findings of studies focused on more experienced researchers. The group of writing retreat participants had a very different experience and data revealed the power of these events for this group of students. The data presented here suggest that retreats should much more widely offered for undergraduate students in the latter stages of their degree programmes and that there are benefits to make very clear to our cohorts as well as challenges to be mindful of as facilitators in in-person and online retreats.

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