Research seminar

Research Seminar: Tourism / CeTLeR

Tim Harms, West Coast University of Applied Sciences University, Germany, will present: "Single Experiences to Lasting Memories Nature-Induced Memories in German National Parks"

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Date: , kl 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Campus Borlänge
Locale: Dalarna University, Room 330
Presenter: Tim Harms, West Coast University of Applied Sciences University, Germany


Even though it has been a focus in many publications, the true nature of tourist experiences is still rather unknown. Many questions, especially with regard to the genesis of memorable experiences are still unanswered. The study at hand will present the findings of a multi-method approach, aiming at shedding light onto that field. In an inductive-qualitative first step the methods of observation and interview were used to explore possibly experience influencing factors. In a deductive-quantitative second step the findings of the first step were modified, concretized and further validated through a survey.

The result was a detailed model describing the genesis and evaluation of tourism experiences.

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Ioanna Farsari
Senior Lecturer Tourism Studies
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