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Date: , kl 16:00 - 17:00
Location: Campus Falun
Locale: University Library, Campus Falun

Chinese Business Culture and the Chinese Market

China today has become a very important player in the world economy. After nearly 40 years of economic reform China has eventually built a market economic system for itself, and the Chinese market has become one of the world's most active market place. As many scholars have noticed, the Chinese market system as well as the market itself has not followed the so called Western pattern; both the market features and the business practices in China are very different from that of most of the industrial countries. The rising of China thus challenges the traditional understanding of many aspects of a market system. I believe the Chinese culture; especially the business culture of China contributes a lot to the market features and practices of the Chinese market. To better understand China and the Chinese market it is necessary to understand the uniqueness of its business culture.

The Chinese civilization is the only unbroken civilization that could trace back to ancient times. It has a unique written system that largely shaped people's mindset. It has a leading ideology – Confucianism – that lasted for over two thousand years, and still influences society in many aspects. It had been an active actor who engaged in international trade since the building of the ancient Silk Road. All these contribute to today's Chinese business culture. Today China also faces challenges, the economic development slowdown, the rising labor cost, and the pollution and so on. The question of where China is heading is set in many people's mind. Maybe we could find a hint from its business culture.

Tao Yang: Background

Tao Yang has a background of mainland China; she took her PhD at the Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University of Sweden in 2010. Her PhD dissertation is: The Effect of Guanxi on the Foreign Market Entry Process into China. Her research area is international business, especially business relationship with a focus on doing business in Chinese market. Now she is working in both department of business administration and department of Chinese language. The courses she teach, among others are: Marketing, international business and marketing, business Chinese in different levels and Chinese business life and Chinese market.

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