Research seminar

Pro-Sustainable Consumer Behavior in Tourism and Hospitality: Drivers, Barriers, and Effective Behavioral Intervention Design

Marie Nowak's final PhD seminar with the opponent Docent Erik Lundberg from the University of Gothenburg

Date: , kl 14:30 - 16:30
Location: Campus Borlänge
Locale: Eva Ekeblad (P217)
Organizer: CeTLeR
Presenter: Docent Erik Lundberg

Marie is a PhD student in Tourism Studies. Marie's supervisors are Professor Maria Lexhagen from Mid-Sweden University (1st supervisor) and Docent Tobias Heldt (2nd supervisor) from Dalarna University. 

In her thesis, Marie studies pro-sustainable consumer behaviour in tourism and hospitality (T&H) settings, drawing insight from tourism, consumer behaviour theory, and behavioural economics.
T&H activities significantly contribute to sustainability challenges like climate change, highlighting the need for changes in individual consumption behaviour to complement existing technical solutions and policies. The purpose of Marie’s research is to enhance knowledge of the drivers and barriers to pro-sustainable consumer behaviour in T&H contexts and ways to encourage such behaviour through behavioural interventions. A mixed-method field experimental approach was taken to study pro-sustainable consumer behaviour through field experiments in two distinct T&H settings: Donations for mountain-biking trails in Rörbäcksnäs, Dalarna (Sweden), and climate-friendly food choices in restaurants in Sälen, Dalarna, and Stockholm (Sweden). The collective findings contribute theoretical insights into pro-sustainable consumer behaviour in T&H, emphasizing the influential role of social norms and contextual motives of consumers in diverse T&H settings. The thesis concludes with a framework that can help researchers, providers, and policymakers in designing and testing behavioural interventions to foster pro-sustainable consumer behaviour.

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