Language Support, workshop: Writing the Literature Review

In the Spring 2022 Term, the Language Support (Språkstödet) at Dalarna University will offer a series of workshops on thesis writing. These workshops are specifically intended for students who are in the process of writing their degree thesis in English, but all students are welcome.

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Date: , kl 16:00 - 17:15
Location: Zoom
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The series consists of 4 practical workshops focused on how to write the different sections of the degree thesis. Each workshop will be offered 2 times. We hope to see you there! 

The second workshop in the series focuses on writing the literature review of the degree thesis. We will discuss the purpose of the literature review, outline characteristics of successful literature reviews, and consider criticisms supervisors and examiners often have of students’ literature reviews. We will examine the rhetorical moves and language used in the literature review and analyse sample literature reviews to better understand how to write this section. Students are encouraged to bring a draft of their own literature review.

The workshops are led by Joseph Lee, Senior Lecturer in English Linguistics, Dalarna University.

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Joseph Lee
Senior Lecturer English
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