Language Support, workshop: Searching for information and managing your references

In the Spring 2022 Term, the Language Support (Språkstödet) at Dalarna University will offer a series of workshops on referencing in academic writing. These workshops explore referencing practices in the Linguistics and Literary studies with a focus on writing at university.

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Date: , kl 15:00 - 16:45
Location: Zoom
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The series consists of four hands-on workshops focused on the functions and forms of references as well as how to effectively integrate them in your writing.  


  • Workshops 1, 2 and 4 are led by Miguel Garcia-Yeste, Senior Lecturer in English Linguistics, Dalarna University.
  • Workshop 3 is led by Johan Wernberg, Librarian from the Dalarna University Library.

The third workshop in the series focuses on search strategies so that you can easily and effectively find reliable sources for your papers. In addition, we will work with reference management software so that you can easily organise and use your references, as well as create reference lists.

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