Grammar Day 2019

This annual event will take place on March 22 when the university recognises Grammar Day 2019 by holding a series of short lectures on the theme of grammar.

This event has already passed

Date: , kl 12:00 - 13:00
Locale: University Library, Campus Falun

You are invited to come and listen to a series of lunchtime lectures. There will also be a traditional Swedish quiz game called "Tipspromenad" (in both Swedish and English), for which the winner will be awarded a prize!

In our podcast series DUpod on educational development in higher education, we have produced two recordings about grammar teaching:

Café Méli at the Campus Falun library will be selling a special cake in honour of the day: grammatikbakelsen.

Grammatikdagen - or Swedish Grammar Day - was initiated by Språkkonsulterna and Svensklärarföreningen. Its inspiration comes from the American Grammar Day and is celebrated in schools and at universities.

The lunchtime lectures will be streamed live on Videochat (channel Library Arena).


  • "Du" eller "Sie" i tyskan - grammatiska klavertramp
    Andrea Schwachenwald
  • ”What Does Grammar Tell Us About the Russian Model of the World?”
    Nikita Mikhaylov
  • "The Grammar of Conversation"
    Annelie Ädel
  • ”Blir grammatik enklare när många måste lära sig den? Exempel från portugisiska i Afrika och Brasilien"
    Anna Jon-And
  • ”Svenska med andraspråksdrag”
    Eva Lindström and Elisabet Odevik
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