Research seminar

Federalism in theory and practice

This is the second of two closing seminars for the project "The regional implementation of a fossil-free transport system: challenges for socio-economic efficiency" funded by the Swedish Energy Agency. The seminar is aimed at politicians and civil servants who work with EU and regional development.

Date: , kl 13:00 - 15:00
Location: Digitalt via Zoom
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Environmental federalism – on multilevel governance and differences between Sweden and Finland in their work within the EU.
Johanna Jussila Hammes

Cost-benefit analysis, environmental policy and fiscal federalism in the Netherlands.
Frits Bos

Time for questions and comments to Frits Bos

Federalism in Sweden – experiences from working within the Swedish government system.
Kent Ehliasson


Johanna Jussila Hammes, Economist and Senior Researcher at Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute. Her expertise is in environmental economics, public policy and political economy.

Frits Bos, Economist and Senior Researcher at CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis. His expertise is in the theory and practice of cost-benefit analysis, public finance and national accounting.

Kent Ehliasson, Social scientist and Lecturer in Work Science at Högskolan Dalarna. He has been Director General in a government agency, and Regional Director of a Region in a county in the northern part of Sweden.

Lena Nerhagen
Senior Lecturer Economics
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