Research seminar

Critical perspectives on the use of and methods for visitor monitoring

Andreas Skriver Hansen, Institutionen för ekonomi och samhälle, Göteborgs universitet, will present "Critical perspectives on the use of and methods for visitor monitoring", a research seminar in Tourism.
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Date: , kl 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Campus Borlänge
Locale: Room 321
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Presenter: Andreas Skriver Hansen


In the presentation, I want to talk about new and emerging smart technologies for visitor monitoring in nature areas, which I consider an essential part of outdoor recreation and nature tourism management. Visitor monitoring is based not only on an effort to minimize and control negative environmental impacts caused by visitors, but increasingly also on a need to secure quality tourist and recreational experiences, and to serve as documentation of visitor presence in local, regional and national planning.

In all three cases, both qualitative and quantitative visitor information and data play a vital role. This is particularly the case in area management, where these aspects are, or should be, part of the management strategy. The context for the topic is that I believe that because smart technologies and tools are being tested and introduced faster than ever before, we need to address this development in order to stay tuned and updated on new opportunities and challenges for visitor monitoring. Indeed, I believe that we may have only scratched the surface regarding the potential that smart technologies may present in terms of improving or supporting present visitor monitoring activities.

The topic is hardly a new one, but in this presentation, I want to reflect upon the theme a bit more critically, with a particular focus on and encouragement to share and critically discuss your own examples, experiences and thoughts on the topic.

Short bio

Andreas Skriver Hansen is a researcher at human geography at the University of Gothenburg. His research interests include outdoor recreation and tourism planning and management, nature-human interactions, physical planning and landscape theory with an emphasis on different landscape perceptions and experiences, uses and understandings.


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