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CeTLeR is inviting you to a research seminar with the topic ”Social representations of tourism transportation and planning; experiences from destinations on the Swedish periphery”.

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Date: , kl 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Campus Borlänge and online via Zoom
Locale: Eva Ekeblad

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This seminar will be held in English.


Beatrice Waleghwa, PhD student at Dalarna University and Mid-Sweden University, Tourism Studies.


In the seminar, I will discuss the social dimension of tourism transportation through the lens of social representation theory. Travel is a social and cultural phenomenon and the social and cultural assumptions that underlie reported attitudes to tourism transport and related planning have barely been investigated.

The seminar discussion is based on a work-in-progress paper that explores the multiplicity of social realities that underpin our attitudes towards transport, tourism, and subsequent planning. The paper is based on semi-structured interviews with stakeholders at two tourism destinations in Sweden.

Results from thematic analysis of the stakeholder perspectives reveal multiple values embedded in the hegemonic, emancipated, and polemical social representations. The study challenges traditional views on tourism transportation and related planning that have so far been dominated by over-reliance on objective data and measures that predict peoples' attitudes towards transportation. In the end, whilst mechanistic approaches to tourism transportation and related planning are key engineering solutions, they cannot be used in their entirety to address transportation issues at tourism destinations. This is because, in a tourism context, there are various stakeholders (e.g., residents, tourists, tourism business owners, government representatives) with multiple perspectives which ought to be considered in the planning and management of the transportation. We thus call for more studies that explore the multiple perspectives related to tourism transportation and related planning in various tourism contexts.

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