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CeTLeR is inviting you to a research seminar with the topic ”Exploring the Language Tourism Niche”.

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Date: , kl 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Campus Borlänge and online via Zoom
Locale: Eva Ekeblad

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This seminar will be held in English.

Exploring the Language Tourism Niche

Language is inextricably related to tourism. Language creates communication barriers and serves as a functional tool to overcome these barriers, while playing a role in the representation of cultural and other identities in tourism destinations (Hall-Lew & Lew, 2014). The importance of language in tourism is perhaps most visible in the phenomenon of language travel, where language learning is one of the main travel motivations. Language travel is not a new phenomenon. Nonetheless, academic studies are scarce on the topics of language travel and the role of language in tourism.

In this presentation, I will provide an overview of the research I have carried out together with other researchers on the field of language tourism. Several questions will be approached, such as the following:

  • Which factors influenced language travellers’ language and destination choice?
  • From the language traveller’s point of view, how does the pursuit of language skills influence their travel experience?
  • What memories do language travellers recollect when describing their travel experiences in the post-travel stage?
  • What are the main post-travel outcomes for language travellers, from a long-term perspective?
  • How does language travel influence subsequent travel behaviour, in particular return intentions and return behaviour?


Inês Carvalho, assistant professor at Universidade Europeia, Portugal.

Centre for Tourism and Leisure Research, CeTLeR

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