Utskrifter & Kopiering

Our printing system is called myPrint, which will allow you to print from your computer, tablet or mobile via the internet.

Retrieve printouts

Go to any printer. There are three ways to log in:
- Type in your username and your password
- Swipe your key card in the cardreader and enter your pincode
- Type in your card number and enter your card’s pincode

To be able to print, you must register your key card. If you have already done this in our old system, you do not need to do this again.

When you have logged in on the printer, you are given three choices:
Follow-You Printing

The use of the website myprint.du.se is the biggest change to printing facilities at the university.
It will allow you to print from the university printers using a computer, portable computer, smartphone or tablet. There are also functions for printing, for the purchase of print-outs and for the management of extra email addresses.
Go to:

Log in with your electronic identity (username).

Printing in computer labs
There will be no changes to printing from the computer labs.
Print from the programme you are using (standard: black/white and double-sided).
The new printer is called “Print on myprintserver”, if it something else restart the computer.

Print from email
You can print out documents by emailing them to print@du.se from your university email address (@du.se). This will allow you to print out an email with one or more attachments without having to log in on myPrint. You can print from another email address after you have included it in the settings on myPrint.

Print from your own computer

We recommend that you use myPrint. You can choose to install drivers. Although we are not able to help you with this, we have developed guides on how to install drivers on your computer.

Pads and tablets
myPrint functions are also available as apps (Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone). These are freely available from iTunes App store (Apple iOS), Google Play store (Android) and Windows store. You can find the links to these at the bottom of the page: http://myprint.du.se.

Price list
A4 s/v [B/W] Single-sided [Simplex]                SEK 0,35
A4 s/v [B/W] Double-sided [Duplex]                SEK 0,55
A4 färg [Color] Single-sided [Simplex]             SEK 0,60
A4 färg [Color] Double-sided [Duplex]             SEK 0,90
A3 s/v [B/W] Single-sided [Simplex]                 SEK 0,45
A3 s/v [B/W] Double-sided [Duplex]                 SEK 0,65

Please visit the Help Desk or email support@du.se with any questions you might have.

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