Maria Engström

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Univ lektor ryska (Ryska)

My postdoctoral research meets practical and theoretical needs of understanding contemporary Russian culture, the post-secular condition and the role of religion in contemporary Russian society and politics. During the last ten years, I have published numerous articles and essays on different topics related to contemporary Russian literature and culture, the Orthodox church and Russian politics, post-Soviet right-wing intellectual milieu, post-Soviet conservatism in art and politics, Russian utopianism and Soviet science fiction, the Russian language and the new media.


Engström, Maria. The scent of a former life : the Czech adaptation of the Strugatskiis’ story The Kid, Science Fiction Film and Television, 2015, Vol. 8, No. 2, 179-198. Artikel : refereegranskat.
Engström, Maria. ‘Orthodoxy or death!’ : Political orthodoxy in Russia, Ingår i: Religion, Politics and Nation-Building in Post-Communist Countries, Ashgate, 2015. Kapitel av bok.
Engström, Maria. Russia as Katechon, 2015. Konferensbidrag : refereegranskat.
Engström, Maria. Conservative revolution in contemporary Russian art, 2015. Konferensbidrag : refereegranskat.
Engström, Maria (red), Suslov, Mikhail (red), Simons, Greg (red). Digital Orthodoxy : Mediating Post-Secularity in Russia, Digital Icons, 2015.
Engström, Maria. Постсекулярность и цифровой антиклерикализм в Рунете [Post-Secularity and Digital Anti-Clericalism on Runet], Digital Icons, 2015, Vol. 14, 73-108. Artikel : refereegranskat.
Engström, Maria. Ikonens metamorfoser i det postsovjetiska Ryssland, Ingår i: Stockholm Slavic Papers, Artos & Norma bokförlag, 2014. Kapitel av bok.
Engström, Maria. Reconstructing Katechon: Neo-Conservatism and the New Russian Foreign Policy Concept, 2014. Konferensbidrag : refereegranskat.
Engström, Maria. Alexey Belyaev-Guintovt’s Agro-Cosmic Eurasian Empire, 2014. Konferensbidrag : refereegranskat.
Engström, Maria. Contemporary Russian Messianism and New Russian Foreign Policy, Contemporary Security Policy, 2014, Vol. 35, No. 3, 356-379. Artikel : refereegranskat.
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