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Annelie Ädel joined the English Department at Dalarna University as Professor of English Linguistics in the autumn of 2012. Her main research areas include discourse analysis, pragmatics, corpus linguistics, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), and learner writing.
She takes a keen interest in reflexivity in language, or the metalinguistic function (language about language), which she has studied primarily from the perspective of discourse-analytic features and rhetorical features (such as metadiscourse), but also from the perspective of semantics (metonymy and metaphor). She also takes an interest in the phatic function of language, primarily from the perspective of how speakers build rapport. She is also interested in the phenomenon of evidentiality, that is, how how we encode linguistically the sources of our knowledge, especially from the perspective of citation practices in academic and journalistic discourse.
The types of discourse which she has targeted in her work are primarily academic speech and writing, but she has also published on newspaper discourse, political discourse and popular science texts. Of these, the type of discourse which she has studied most extensively is advanced learner writing, in which she has investigated phenomena such as writer-reader interaction, involvement/detachment features and formulaic uses of language.
Her methodological approach is empiricist; she believes that generalisations about language need to be supported by authentic language data and, where possible, large-scale studies of corpus material. To enable empirically-supported lines of enquiry, she has been involved in different projects involving the development of corpora, such as MICASE (the Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English) and MICUSP (the Michigan Corpus of Upper-level Student Papers) at the University of Michigan. She has also been involved in the development of the ESPC (English-Swedish Parallel Corpus) and the McCALL (Mid-Sweden Corpus of Computer-Assisted Language Learning).

Before taking up the post at Dalarna University, she held a four-year post as a research fellow in the English Department at Stockholm University. She has also held a post-doc at the University of Michigan, which was followed by a position as Director of Applied Corpus Linguistics in the English Language Institute (ELI) at the same university. She has been affiliated with the Program in Applied Linguistics at Boston University as a visiting scholar. She earned her doctoral degree in English Linguistics from Göteborg University in 2003.

She has been invited to give talks and seminars in Sweden, Spain, Chile, Austria and the US. She regularly serves as a reviewer for a range of different journals and is a member of the editorial boards of Journal of English for Academic Purposes, Nordic Journal of English Studies and Miscelánea: Journal of English and American Studies.

She has experience teaching a wide range of topics in English linguistics and applied linguistics in different university contexts. She is a keen supervisor of BA/MA students’ research projects and coordinates the degree thesis course at Dalarna University.
Selected publications
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