About Falun (Travel and more)


Falun is situated in the heart of Sweden, in beautiful Dalarna County.

Falun is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For more about tourism in Falun, click here. 

The average temperatures in April are -2C/28F, with highs around 9C/48F. Rain is not uncommon, so do bring your umbrella!

Travel to and from Falun

To reach Falun by air:

Fly to Arlanda, Stockholm. Then take a train from Arlanda to Falun (first train at 6.36 am and last train at 8.06 pm on weekdays / different times for Saturday and Sunday).

To reach Falun by train:

Trains run regularly from both Stockholm and Arlanda Airport as well as all other areas of Sweden. Book your tickets here.

Both the university and the recommended hotels are about 2 km from the train station. See map for the walking route, which is the same route you would take by taxi. The recommended accommodation is circled in purple on the map.