Basic Insurance for All Students

Registered students are covered by Swedish Personal Injury Insurance. This applies during study hours and travel to and from the university in Sweden.

Insurance for International Students

International students are also covered by Student IN insurance that provides all registered international students with the same coverage.

The insurance provides registered international students coverage for medical expenses*. It includes a certain level of accident coverage (a fixed amount in conjunction with disability or death, as well as liability and legal expenses coverage) and applies 24-hours a day in Sweden.

*The medical part of the insurance applies only to students who are not covered by the European Union social security system.

Claims and Questions

If you need to claim insurance, complete the claim form, enclose all original receipts, and send to

Högskolan Dalarna, Susanne Corrigox, S-791 88 Falun, Sweden; e-mail, tel +(46) 23-77 81 53.

Your claim will be forwarded to the insurance company. The insurance pays for necessary and reasonable costs for emergency medical or dental care if you suffer illness or have an accident. The insurance also reimburses emergency dental care (max SEK 3 000 per year). 

If you  have any questions or if for any reason the above does not apply to you, please contact Susanne Corrigox (contact information above).

Insurance Certificate for Residence Permit Purposes

If you require an insurance certificate so that you can apply for a residence permit, contact Susanne Corrigox (above).