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About the website

Not only can you listen and follow the lecture as it takes place, you can also be involved in the discussion using the chat function (if you have logged in). You can also write questions for the lecturer in the lecture hall, who will be able to receive them directly and respond to them while the lecture is underway.

Connection Issues

If a lecture is not broadcasting as expected, it could be because Adobe Flash Player has not been enabled in your web browser. If this is the case, you need to enable it manually: more information can be be found on the Adobe Flash Player Help webpage. You can probably begin at step 4 in that guide.

Some examples of error messages are "No playable source" or "JW player goes here".

Videos that do not work can also be as a result of firewall issues. Click on the link below for instructions on the ports that need to be open if you want to watch lectures.

Open Ports for Lecture Viewing

If you are experiencing problems with livestreamed lectures or recorded lectures, then you solve these issues by opening the ports listed on this webpage.

The problems may be as a result of firewall issues. You will therefore need to open these ports:

Address Port 1755
stream1.du.se 80, 443, 1935
stream2.du.se 80, 443, 1935
stream3.du.se 80, 443, 1935
stream4.du.se 80, 443, 1935
stream5.du.se 80, 443, 1935


Not anyone can or is allowed to open these ports: contact our support services for assistance.



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