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For over 30 years, the University has been conducting research in the field of Solar Energy and since 1999 the European Solar Energy School (ESES) has offered master's programmes in Solar Energy Engineering to students from all over the world.


Dalarna University offers students the choice of studying a one-year or a two-year Master's Programme in Solar Energy Engineering.

The one-year programme focuses on the needs of the solar industry. Core courses are in Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal and Passive Solar Engineering. Typically, the programme concludes with a 15 credit thesis.

The two-year programme builds on the courses from the one-year programme, going deeper into a number of solar topics while also broadening the student's perspective with regards to the role of Solar Energy in local, national and global energy systems. The programme prepares students for an academic career and includes a term-long thesis project, which is often conducted in collaboration with a company.

One-Year Master's Programme in Solar Energy Engineering (60 credits)
Two-Year Master's Programme in Solar Energy Engineering (120 credits)


The Solar Energy Research Center (SERC), a unit of the research profile Energy, Forest and Built Environments, was established at Dalarna University in 1984 and has developed from being a specialist in the field of solar thermal technology to being a specialist in complete energy systems. Research is inter-disciplinary and is conducted in collaboration with a number of corporations and organizations.

Current areas of research include:

  • combined solar/biomass and solar/heat pump systems for residential buildings
  • solar thermal and PV in regional energy systems
  • photovoltaic systems
  • energy storage
  • energy-efficient buildings and building materials
  • socio-technical studies.

Researchers at SERC are involved in EU projects on the implementation of solar energy in the renovation of residential buildings and offices, solar heating in district-heating systems, and combined heat pump and solar heating systems for single-family dwellings.


For more information about the Solar Energy Engineering Master's Programmes and the research being conducted by SERC, please contact Désirée Kroner: dkr@du.se.

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