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Faculty in the Master's Programme in Energy Efficient Built Environment

Amir Sattari Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer

Amir's research and teaching focus on energy conservation, building services, indoor thermal comfort and experimental flow studies. Building on these expertise, he supervises thesis work on indoor climate, energy and experimental building physics. He also oversees all studies and projects that evaluate the thermal properties of building materials utilizing the university's climate chamber. Amir was involved in the Gentle Energy-Efficient Renovation Project in the residential area of Tjärna Ängar in Borlänge, where he supervised the monitoring of the indoor environment in a multi-family house that was undergoing renovation. As part of our new programme, Amir will be responsible for the course Building Energy Performance Simulation and Analysis.

Csilla V Gal Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer

Csilla holds a graduate degree in Architectural Engineering and an interdisciplinary PhD in Applied Urban Climatology. Her research concerns the role of the built environment in urban-climate interaction and focuses on urban micro and local climates, heat mitigation in cities, outdoor human thermal comfort and their experimental and numerical assessment. In the past, she worked as an architect and architectural engineer. She was involved in projects ranging from solar panel installations in remote areas of Panama to disaster-resilient design and construction. Csilla is currently Head of the One-Year Master's Programme in Energy Efficient Built Environment. Her teaching experience covers various aspects of construction technology. From this autumn, she will be responsible for the courses Climate-Responsive Design, Solar Building Design and Energy and Urban Planning.

Jonn Are Myhren Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer

Jonn Are holds a Doctorate in Heating and Ventilation Technology from KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan). His research focuses on HVAC systems, thermal comfort, sustainable renovation and energy efficiency in buildings. He is Research Leader of the Gentle Energy-Efficient Renovation Project in the residential area of Tjärna Ängar in Borlänge – a joint research project that is being conducted with the local housing company Tunabyggen. John Are has supervised several PhD students and taught courses related to building physics, indoor climate and building services technology within the departments of Construction Technology and Energy Engineering. As part of our new programme, he will co-teach the Low-Energy HVAC Systems course and will deliver several lectures within the course Energy Efficient Buildings.

Marcus Gustafsson Ph.D.

Marcus's recent dissertation focuses on energy-efficient building renovation measures. As part of his extensive research on this topic, he was involved in several local- and EU-level research projects. Marcus has taught courses on district heating, solar heating and building physics. Within our programme, he will be responsible for the course Life Cycle Assessment and Cost Analysis.

Mats Rönnelid Ph.D.

Mats will teach the two courses that also form part of the Master's Programme in Solar Energy Engineering: these are Solar Radiation and Solar Geometry; and Solar Building Design. Over the last 30 years, he has conducted extensive research in Solar Energy Technology and Energy-Efficient Construction, and has taught several courses on the subject. Mats is dedicated to fostering regional cooperation between the University and various local companies and corporations from the building and electricity sectors.

Tomas Persson Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Within the Energy Effiecient and Built Environment programme, Tomas will be teaching the course Low-Energy HVAC Systems. His teaching and research focus on energy-efficient heating systems with a special emphasis on combining solar with heat pumps or biomass systems. His research involves the development of dynamic tests and measurement methods for these systems, as well as their modeling and validation using TRNSYS.

Xingxing Zhang Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer at Energy Technology 

Xingxing holds a Doctorate in Solar Energy and Built Enviornment. As part of our programme, he will be teaching the courses Energy Efficient Buildings and Sustainable Building Rating Systems. He has taught courses on building analysis, building service design, ventilation for buildings, acoustics and lighting, renewable energy technologies, thermal fluids and topics of heat transfer. Xingxing's research expertise includes the areas of solar energy engineering, green building design, occupant behaviour (energy demand), energy data mining, heat pumps/pipes, indoor air quality, and energy economics/policy. He has been granted over 2.5 million SEK as a principal investigator and over 10 million SEK as a co-investigator. He has published one book, three chapters and over 70 papers in prestigious international journals. He is a regular reviewer for over 20 international SCI journals and holds 10 patents. Dr. Zhang is the Accredited Professional Certificate of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED AP), UK Chartered Engineer (CEng), Hong Kong-Shanghai Panel Committee Member of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), CIB Commission Member of W098 Intelligent and Responsive Buildings, and Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), UK.