Research That Makes a Difference

Have you pursued studies at the university level and found a subject field that you are passionate about? If this is the case, then doctoral studies might just be the career path you should follow.

Research is central to our organisation and ensures that our programmes and courses are of high quality. In contemporary society, new knowledge, skills and understanding are being formed at an ever-increasing pace: this is why both specialisation in specific fields and more general research projects are essential. 

At Dalarna University, researchers work cross-discipline. They also work with fellow researchers from other institutes of higher education, both in Sweden and in other countries. A great deal of our research is conducted in collaboration with business and industry and public organisations, which helps ensure that it is current and at the cutting edge.

Duration of Studies and Degree

You are awarded your doctoral degree from the institute at which you are registered. Doctoral studies comprise specialised studies that provide insight into scholarly traditions, while you also develop into being an independent researcher able to look at work done within your field with a critical eye. An education at this level will prepare you for both an academic career as well a career beyond university.

Doctoral studies mean four years of study time, two for a licentiate degree. The degree involves doctoral-level courses and thesis work. You graduate with either a doctoral degree or a licentiate degree. By completing four years of doctoral studies, you will graduate with the highest level of degree in Sweden.

Doctoral Studies

Dalarna University offers three doctoral programmes:

There are about 100 doctoral students at Dalarna University, a number of whom are registered within our own doctoral programmes, while some are registered at other institutes of higher education in Sweden. 

The research being carried out at Dalarna University is concentrated into six research profiles:

Each profile offers students the opportunity to take part in seminars and discussions with fellow researchers, and to receive support and guidance throughout the study period. Many form a close unit and choose to take part in a number of activities beyond the university. Each semester, there are two to four meetings for all doctoral students. Their purpose is to increase collaboration and to offer participants the opportunity to exchange experiences.

Who can apply?

To apply to a doctoral programme, you must

  • have completed courses equalling 240 credits, of which 60 credits are at the second-cycle level (master level) in Sweden; or
  • have been awarded a degree at the second-cycle level (magister or master) in Sweden; or
  • have an equivalent education from a foreign university; or
  • have equivalent qualifications.

As well, there must be a doctoral post within the field of study that you are interested in.

For more information, contact the respective Head of Research of our research profiles (see below "Research Profiles").

Research Profile Contacts


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