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Online Applications

Apply for your degree certificate online via the Ladok Student interface http://www.sudent.ladok.se

Degree Certificate

Upon completion of your studies, you can apply for a Degree Certificate: this is not sent to you automatically. Your certificate is issued by the university where you took your last courses unless the universities involved agree otherwise.

The certificate proves that you have fulfilled the degree requirements. Many employers require that you present your certificate as proof of your studies; it can also be used for decisions on salary.

Applications for a degree certificate are assessed against national and local degree regulations. Every Swedish university has the right to make a local decision when issuing a degree: i.e., degree requirements differ between universities.

You do not need to follow the study plan strictly if your programme leads to a general degree as long as you fulfill the degree requirements. However, there might be restrictions if you want the programme name to appear on the Degree Certificate. Check your study plan as this must state what is required for the programme name to appear on your degree certificate. There is a box you can tick on the degree application form if you wish the programme name to appear.

Course Certificate

The Course Certificate can be issued upon completion of the course and after grades have been set. Normally you will receive a Course Certificate within two weeks of applying for one so long as you completed the course at the time of your application. 

Apply for a Certificate

Apply for a certificate on My Pages (log-in required). If you no longer have your log-in details, then you can complete and submit the form for a Degree Certificate (pdf) or the form for a Course Certificate (pdf). You can also get a form at both campus reception desks. You can indicate in your application if you want your certificate sent by registered mail.

Incomplete Applications

We will contact you if your application is incomplete: be sure to include your up-to-date contact information.

Processing Time and Cost

How long it takes for you to receive your certicate depends on the time of year: the end of the semester is always busier than, for example, mid-semester. It can take up to eight weeks (the permitted processing time) of receiving your completed application.

Your certificate will be dated according to the day of processing. There is no cost. 

Protected Identity and Changes to Personnummer

If you have protected identity, then you should contact ladok@du.se before your certificate is issued.

Should you change your personnummer*, you can receive a new Degree Certificate that reflects this change: simply submit a new application along with your personbevis and your original Degree Certificate.

* This applies only in the cases of gender change.

Print a Copy with an Electronic Code

You can print your own secure certificate via the Ladok Student interface http://www.sudent.ladok.se

Certified Copy

A certified copy (or true/attested copy) is a copy you make of the original document. Two people must witness you copying the original. They must sign their names on the copy, print their names in capital letters underneath the signature, and include their telephone numbers under their names. The two witnesses are legally responsible for the copy being a “true” copy: by signing, they certify to the correctness of the document.

Certificates in English

All current certificates issued by Dalarna University are in both Swedish and English (certificates dated prior to 2006 require that you use the services of a translator if you require a copy in English).

Certificate Content

A degree certificate is the same whether you took single-subject courses or a programme. It states whether your course was by distance as it will show "Distance Studies" in its name. 

Errors and Losses

When you receive your certificate, check for accuracy: contact the Graduation Office if it is not accurate.

Look after your degree certificate as you can only ever receive one original copy. Should you lose your certificate, you can request a photocopy - at no cost - from the Graduation Office

Appeal a Decision

There are two decisions relating to the issuing of Degree Certificates that can be appealed:

  • decisions about credit transfer from previous studies or work experience (see our Credit Transfer webpage and our Assessment of Prior Learning  webpage; and
  • decisions that deny a student a Degree Certificate or Course Certificate.

Appeals go to the Board of Appeals for Higher Education (ÖNH). The appeal must be in writing. You need to specify what decision you are appealing, and how you would like the decision to be changed. Address the appeal to the Board of Appeals for Higher Education but it should be sent to: ÖNH, Högskolan Dalarna, S-791 88 Falun, Sweden.

The appeal must be received no later than three weeks from the day you receive the decision.


Local newspapers are informed about graduates from Dalarna University.

Diploma Supplements

 A Diploma Supplement is an attachment to your Degree Certificate. It describes, in English, your education and the Swedish higher education system. A Diploma Supplement does not replace a Degree Certificate, nor does it guarantee that your education will be recognized everywhere.

Higher Education Ordinance and Local Degree Ordinance

The Local Degree Ordinance is a policy document that follows national regulations as well as local regulations pertinent to Dalarna University. It is regulated by the Higher Education Ordinance (Högskoleförordningen 1993:100) (pdf)

Contact: Graduation Office


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