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The centre, which is a component of the School of Education, Health and Social Studies, operates under the research profile Health and Welfare. Members of the centre work within many departments at the university, with expertise covering a diverse range of disciplines and subject fields including nursing, political science, psychology, English literature, social work, business intelligence and energy efficiency.

The centre also has associate members who are based outside the university that it works with in order both to create synergies of expertise and skill, as well as to build interest networks. ReCALL has a formal collaborative arrangement with KIPS (Centre for Knowledge Implementation and Patient Safety) and RICH (Centre for Reproductive, Infant and Child Health), such that members of one centre can also hold membership at either one or both of the other centres. The result of this is that responsibility for some research projects is shared.

The members of ReCALL work on many diverse projects at the regional, national and international levels. However, core to the centre's mission is collaborative work with regional actors and stakeholders as a means to ensure that older people within Dalarna experience a full and rich life in their later years.

Following meetings with regional stakeholders that took place shortly after the establishment of the centre, two research areas were selected on which the centre would focus its energies in 2014 - 2016: eHealth and people with frail health. For each area, a working group was set up to drive forward its respective research agenda. Each group contains a number of researchers and a representative from among our regional stakeholders.

Research Working Groups


The group, led by Dr. Lena Dahlberg, brings together expertise in gerontology, psychology, political science, physiotherapy, business intelligence, computer engineering, and social medicine. Its representative from Region Dalarna is Maria Ekelöf. Ongoing research projects or projects in development within the eHealth working group concern mobile applications that can support older people and their family carers; a web-based platform for older people and health-care practitioners to promote community-based balance training; sensor-based support for self-dosing in patients with Parkinson's Disease; and intelligent, inclusive and universally-designed environments.

Older People with Frail Health

This group, led by Dr. Anna Cristina Åberg, brings together expertise in nursing, physiotherapy, political science, psychology and gerontology. Its representative from Dalarna County Council (Landstinget Dalarna) is Lotta Jansson. Ongoing research projects or projects in development within this group concern evaluation of the physical environment of residential care facilities; exploration of the core values of social care for older people and care providers; the swallowing function, oral health, and food intake; determining why older people attend emergency care departments; acute care of older people; and new methods for enhancing the prediction of the onset of dementia.


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