Current research examines the areas of solar heating and photovoltaic systems; combinations with storing techniques; biofuels and wind power (to cover seasonal and year-round needs for heat and electricity); and socio-technical systems. The research is cross- and multi-scientific and is conducted in collaboration with a number of corporations and organizations.

International and National Research

Researchers at SERC are involved in EU projects on the implementation of solar energy in the renovation of residential buildings and offices, solar heating in district-heating systems, and combined heat pump and solar heating systems for single-family houses.

SERC is also involved in a national project called Testbädd solenergi, coordinated by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Social anthropologist Annette Henning has been studying the challenges related to the implementation of solar heating systems in single-family houses since the early 1990s.

Lab Resources

Our laboratory resources consist of test rigs for PV, solar heating and wind power, and also a combustion laboratory.


Dalarna University offers two international programmes related to this research field: the One-Year Master's Programme in Solar Energy Engineering and the Two-Year Master's Programme in Solar Energy Engineering.

European Solar Engineering School (ESES)

The European Solar Engineering School offers both a 60-credit and a 120-credit programme for which you will receive a master's degree in mechanical engineering with a solar energy profile.

The language of instruction in the courses is English. The courses include studies in solar heating technology, solar PV technology and an introduction to fields of study such as passive solar heating technology and solar energy technology in tropical climates. At the end of the programme year, students write a thesis often in collaboration with a research or development project at SERC or at a foreign university or company.

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