To achieve a 50 percent reduction in energy use in built environments by 2050, all renovated and new buildings must be designed with this in mind. At Dalarna University, research in this field has increased with its specialisation in the area of wood constructions and solar energy systems, and includes case studies on professional renovations for energy efficiency. Another area of study is the impact energy efficiency measures can have on district-heating networks.

Research on Energy Effectivisation

The social science element of the research into energy efficiency in built environments is based mainly on social anthropological and civic scientific theories and methodology. Implementation of political decisions and policy documents is emphasised, as are energy technology products.

Important aspects in studies of the interaction between stakeholders are decision-making, authority, and social and material conditions for change. Research is interdisciplinary and is conducted in collaboration with a number of corporations and organisations.

Collaboration with Industry

Byggdialog Dalarna (Swedish website) is an important collaborative partner for the application of research results in local construction companies and for the development of research questions brought from the business to the University.

Dalarna University is part of the national project Renoveringscentrum (Swedish website), which is based at Lund University.

International Research

Researchers at Dalarna University are part of a large European project on development and demonstration of multifunctional units for building envelope, heating- and cooling systems that are designed for use in the renovation of residential and office buildings.

Lab Resources

The resources we have for our research and education include a solar cell laboratory, solar heating laboratory, climate chamber and a wooden-built facility known as "kuben". In the climate chamber, u values and the capacity of heat insulation in building material can be studied as can their integration in the area of wall construction. In "kuben", a number of different aspects can be studied, such as energy aspects and those of air-tightness.


The university offers two programmes in this field - Byggteknik och Energiteknik: these are both taught in Swedish.

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