Marie Klingberg-AllvinFurther, Marie Klingberg-Allvin has worked with issues related to internationalisation and served on the University Faculty Board. In January 2014, she became Pro-Vice-Chancellor, with one main area of responsibility lying with research at the University. In May 2016, she became Professor of Sexual, Reproductive and Perinatal Health.


In 2007, she presented her thesis on international health at Karolinska Institutet: its focus was pregnant adolescents in Vietnam and their care needs. Her research since has concentrated on the access women have to safe abortions and contraception in low-income countries, where maternal mortality sits at the highest levels. Her Swedish-based research involves the care of Somali-born pregnant women and the development of parental support for Somali-born parents. Further, she has been instrumental in the development and running of the web-based master's programme for midwives both in Somalia and Bangladesh, which has as its long-term goal the reduction in maternal and infant mortality in the region.

Role as Acting Vice-Chancellor

I look forward to working towards a united university and, as a government organisation with a national role, to the delivery of education and research that are of the highest quality.

The development of strong, academic environments at our campuses is a challenge that we take seriously. As Acting Vice-Chancellor, I plan both to clarify our objectives in terms of the University's developmental work and to ensure that we work towards working methods that are inclusive and that lead to commitment throughout the organisation.

The Future

We have what is required to develop into being a united university for the whole of Dalarna in terms of self-formation, education and research in the region and the world at large. What happens in the outside world affects us and the way in which we operate. By working with development, we can bring together our capabilities and serve as a flexible organisation that is ready to meet the challenges and needs of tomorrow.


Secretary to the Vice-Chancellor
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