Global responsibility forms the basis of the University's work witih internationalisation, with an international perspective permeating every level of organisation, function, and department at the University. It is the duty of the university to ensure that when its students graduate, they will have taken courses that adopt an international perspective and have themselves experienced what is meant by internationalisation.

Collaborative Partners Throughout the World

To increase international mobility, both on campus and online, the University has a wide network of collaborative partners internationally that can benefit our students and staff alike. The experiences and impressions of those who have spent time abroad contributes together wtih visiting lecturers and students to an increased level of internationalisation within our organisation.

International Relations Committee

This committee is selected by the Vice-Chancellor. Its aim and purpose are to initiate, promote, support and follow up on the implementation of our internationalisation policy. This involves, among other things, the following::

  • Drawing up and following up on a plan of action for the University with time-specific and measurable goals
  • Running an inventory of and evaluating the University's international agreements in relation to the University's policy
  • Informing and coordinating the University's involvement in different EU programmes that have to do with education
  • Making decisions on matters that have to do with international stipends
  • Stimulating activities in line with the University's internationalisation policy by proposing ways to allocate funding and following up on this
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