In recent months, the University has been part of a pilot study being run by UKÄ (Swedish Higher Education Authority), the aim of which is to review the quality assurance systems at institutes of higher education in Sweden. A recent decision by UKÄ is to give Dalarna University the seal of approval for its work in this area.

"It's a great pleasure to be the first institute of higher education to have its quality system approved. It is recognition for the fantastic work that is being done here within the framework of the organisation as a whole, work that involves teachers, researchers and other personnel," states Jonas Tosteby, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Dalarna University.

"We registered on a voluntary basis to be part of the project and despite having had only three months to work on the system, during what was also a particularly hectic period, everyone involved at the University showed themselves to be dedicated and they contributed," he continues.

The review by UKÄ involved comprehensive system and documentation reviews, online interviews and a two-day study trip that included interviews with representatives from the various departments at the University.

The approval by UKÄ is acknowledgement that Dalarna University has met the requirements drawn up by UKÄ. These are based on the laws and requirements in place in Sweden for higher education as well as on European benchmarks. The next time such a university-wide review will be conducted will be in six years.