Dalarna University: Room: Jerusalem

Students, graduates, researchers, and professionals, welcome to the seminar series of The Research Center for Public Health and Sports (RePS) for spring 2018.

The seminars aim to provide ample opportunity for attendees to learn about statistical analysis and to share research ideas.

Three of the seminars deal with statistics, including basic statistics, generalized mixed modelling, and missing data: they will be led by statisticians and researchers, who will present the seminars in an accessible manner.
We also offer you the opportunity to participate in a seminar that focuses on discussions on research ideas and draft applications.

This seminar aims to provide an understanding of mixed models for continuous, dichotomous and count outcome variables in relation to explanatory variables for cross-sectional and longitudinal data.

The seminar is primarily intended for students, graduates, researchers, and professionals familiar with linear regression and generalized linear models. Furthermore, it is of advantage if the participant is accustomed to principles of maximum likelihood inference and Bayesian methods. That being said, everybody, regardless of level of knowledge, is of course welcome!

Other seminars in the series:

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