Course Packages

A course package is several courses offered together.

Chinese I - Distance 
Chinese I - Distance, Evening 
Chinese I: Journey to China - Distance 
Chinese II - Distance 
Chinese II - Distance, Evening 
Chinese II: Business Communication - Distance 
Chinese III - Distance 
Chinese IV - Distance 
English I 
English II 
French I 
French Ia 
French Ib 
French II 
French IIIa 
French IIIb 
French Master Ia 
French Master Ib 
French Master II 
German I 
German I, 50% 
German II 
German II, 50% 
German III 
International Relations I 
International Relations I - Distance 
International Relations II 
International Relations II - Distance course 
International Relations III - Distance 
Japanese III - Distance 
Portuguese I 
Portuguese II 
Portuguese: Basic Course I and II, 30 credits 
Spanish I 
Spanish II